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Bead pullers or Tear Strip pullers are used to remove unwanted rubber that is on an extruded profile that has been put there to support the profile in the extruding process. After curing this strip of rubber is pulled from the extrusion and scrapped. These units effective remove the unwanted strip of rubber by pulling them at 90 degrees or some angle that tears the strip away from the profile. These units are speed controlled with the setting by the operator to pull at a rate appropriate to the line speed.
Extrusion Puller 1 Extrusion Puller 2
Extrusion Puller 12” contact length, manual belt adjustment, precision drive controls Stock Puller used to feed extruders
Puller 48” contact length, air lift on top belt, belt height stop adjustment, precision drive controls Puller 48” contact length, air lift on top belt, chain with attachment style belts, heavy duty construction for 2000#+ pulling capability, servo drive controls
Extrusion Puller 22” contact length, air lift and clamping of upper belt, precision drive controls, 2 HP
Extrusion Puller 60” contact length, manual adjustment for belt stop, air lift on upper belt, regen drive controls